Tears, Sweat and Sea

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Burning Man 2014

Pictures: Jim Urquhart/Reuters

Source: The Atlantic In Focus


The art installations are beautiful

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Manly P. Hall. Collection of Alchemical Manuscripts. Box 17. 1600.

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J Augustus Knapp
1853 - 1938

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Spirit has many, many meanings in the dictionary, but to the ancients it meant one thing….conscious life.

It meant life, purpose; life containing within itself the archetypes of all living; life that survives every form that exists even in the cosmos itself; but life that is infinitely mindful of the sparrow’s fall.

This spirit was therefore an infinite life, a life centering everywhere, its circumference nowhere.

This one life - unlimited, unbounded, beyond definition - becomes not only a spirit, a tremendous, all-pervading life power, but within the mysterious depths of this spirit we find the infinite will, the infinite wisdom, and the infinite love.


- Excerpted from Manly P Hall Lecture # 192 - “The Magnetic Field of the Earth: A Study of Energy Resources.” (via nuclearharvest)

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Lesley Oldaker

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